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Starter activities.

Randomly generated starter activites. Written in javascript with a lovely bit of jQuery giving the flippy over thing.

Based on CaptainLoui's template from the TES. I find that giving my classes repeated practice on these techniques builds confidence and competence.

10 questions a day keeps the bad grades away.
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Randomly generated maths worksheets

Maths skills need to be practiced. Achieving a level of fleuncy with new techniques makes them easier to apply to different situations. Practice makes permanent.

These randomly generated questions have diifculty options and can be used with classes or by individuals to practice some core algebraic manipulation.

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$P Recognizer.

'Low cost' text recoginition for iPhone.

This is a Swift implimentation of $P Point-Cloud recognizer code.

The algorithm was created by Radu-Daniel Vatavu, Lisa Anthony, Jacob O. Wobbrock. The pseudocode in their paper is clear enough that even a n00b like me could make it work.

Super happy about this one. This feels like the first proper bit of programming I've done and hopefully it might be useful to someone else.

Check out how it looks on an iPhone.

Two week time-table on iCal.

This two week time-table apple script takes most of the hassle out of building the time table. Not all of the hassle though! You have to create a calendar for each class you have/teach and alter the code if the times of the day are different. If there's demand I might even make it more user friendly.

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New routing in Macedonia.

Fancy reading about my new routing trip to Macadonia? Well fill your boots. Go along, I had a whale of a time and I'm sure you will too.

Sometimes 1 + 1 = full potential

If you're looking to improve confidence, prepare for exams or stretch yourself I'm sure I can help.

  • 9-1 GCSE Maths
  • A-Level Maths
  • A-Level Further Maths
  • GCSE to A-level transition

I am a fully qualified teacher with over 10 years of classroom experience currently working as a Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath.

Tution FAQ.


Sessions take place during the weekday evenings from 6:30pm to 9pm and during the day on weekends. Times for tutorial sessions are limited, please get in touch to arrange a time to suit.


I am based in Frome and I am happy to travel within the town and surrounding area. The sessions are run in the student's home usually at the kitchen or dining room table.


Prices vary according to distance travelled and level of tutition required, but will be in the region of £25 to £35 per hour.

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If you've got a question or want to make a booking get in touch.

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