10-a-Day Starters Based on CaptainLouis' work

These are all very much in the alpha stage of development. Let me know what bugs you find and how it could be made better.

  • number
  • ratio
  • fractions

  • There is a record sheet for each starter you can download to check pupil progress.

    Click on the cog to customise each question.


    The goal of these starters is to ensure every student has a solid grasp of the topics covered. I have the questions on the board as the students enter the room - having tweaked the difficulty using the cog on each card. The students then complete the questions under a time limit, normally 10mins. Afterwards, students mark their own work and complete the record sheet in the back of their book. I do not address any problems with the starter at this point. This can feel a bit strange but bear with me! Now I start the main focus of the lesson. Later on a brief look at the record sheet in the back of the book picks up problems particular students have. I then address them either during the starter on a different day or via personalised feedback. Any student who finishes early is given extension material - normally a copy of a UKMT maths challenge paper that they can work though in any time they have remaining.

    Let me know what you think.

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